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How much does it cost to get help in your dream move?

The answer is here through our instant quote and valuation tools!

 Many people we talk to complain of difficulty in understanding the costs nvolved in buying and selling a home and it can be difficult to compare.  We have developed our instant quote system to address this so you can work out the costs quickly and easily and without any hassle.

 We have also andwered 5 of the questions we are asked about most often.

 1.  If I offer for a property and am unsuccessful do you charge for each offer?

Answer.   No our fixed fee is a fixed fee and we offer for as many times as necessary.

2.  How long is a Home Report Valid for and do I have to refresh it every 3 months?

Answer.  Home Reports inthemselves are valid indefinitely.  Most lenders however require that a home report shouild be less than 3 months old for their mortgage lending criteria.  What this means is that should your property not have sold within the 3 month period you do not have to obtain a new home report automatically.  In practice once a buyer is found it is at that point when an offer is made that we would normally recommend instructing a refreshed home report once the buyer has agreed main terms with you.  Typically a refreshed home report costs a quarter of the original home report price.

3.  How long does it take to get a property on the market?

Answer.   Providing everything is prepared for us (Call Us to discuss factors) it usually takes a week to two weeks from being instructed to get your property on to the mnarket.

4.  What are Missives?

Missives are simply the word for a contract for selling property in Scotland.  It is simply the Contract.

5. What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal processes involved in transferring a property from one person to another as is normal through a purchase of the property.  The process is in theory invoked once the Missives are completed and there is a binding contract in place but in practice the  two processes are intermingled and indeed many of the conveyancing issues are dealt with at the Missive stage.  For example it is common for Selling solicitors to exhibit the title deeds to the purchaser and insert a clause in the contract saying that the purchaser by concluding the missives has accepted the title as exhibited.  

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