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Getting your home ready for sale by an Estate Agent can feel a bit overwhelming but presenting it at its best for viewers can help you sell quicker.  House prices are influenced by the way a property is presented.  We have put together some tips and ideas which could well help your sell your property fast and at the right price.

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First impressions count.  Potential purchasers can be enticed or put off within seconds of arriving at a property.  Take a slow walk towards your house or flat (the same principles apply for both) as if you were the buyer.  How does it look?  Are your gutters clear, are there any broken roof tiles, any cracks in the stone/brick work?  What about your doormat?  Are the bins clean, stored neatly and not overflowing.  It is vitally important for any significant damages or flaws to be remedied.    

Tidying up the garden of a house for sale


If you have a garden, it’s time to get the pruning shears out.  Cut back any overgrown shrubs, get rid of unsightly weeds and mow the lawn when in season. Remove any accumulated leaves and rake or brush paths.  Scrub or power-wash slabs and patio areas.  Wash down garden furniture.  If your fence looks like it could do with a refresh get the brush out.  Prospective buyers will appreciate the fact that they won’t have to do it when they move in.   And if your garden is a window box or you only have house plants, well… they still need to look good. 


Getting rid of unnecessary clutter will make your rooms look bigger and more attractive. Keep work surfaces tidy.  Store away cleaning products and toiletries. Hide or dispose of any small worktop appliances which have seen better days.    

Avoid cramming everything into cupboards and attic space as house buyers will want to look in these areas and get a feel for the storage space available.  Time to think seriously about what you really want to keep.  Selling unwanted items on websites such as Ebay or Gumtree can help towards some of the costs involved in a house move.  Charities and family members may also welcome some hand-me-downs.  It will save you time when you move. If you can afford it, hiring a storage unit for any boxed-up items can ensure that you are organised for your onward move and give viewers a feel for space available.                                                    

 Cleaning a property for sale


Clean your home from top to bottom.  Sparkling windows, mirrors, surfaces, floors and walls will make your home appealing to potential home buyers.  It will show them that your property has been well cared for which inspires their confidence. 

If carpets appear dirty or stained it may be worth getting them professionally cleaned or hiring a carpet cleaning machine such as “Rug Doctor”. As well as making floor coverings look much fresher, you will also alleviate any unappealing smells which may be trapped within the fibres. 

Clean or replace any unsightly tile grout and remove any limescale or mould build up.


We can sometimes fail to notice smells in places where we spend a substantial amount of time.  To avoid prospective purchasers being met with any unpleasant odours, ensure drains are disinfected, that bins are washed and that pet beds and litter trays are out of sight. Put out clean towels and change your bedding. Fresh flowers can add a burst of colour to a room as well as a lovely scent and scented candles or reed diffusers can also help create a pleasant aroma.   Don’t pick too pungent a scent as it may not appeal to everyone and don’t turn your home into a giant bowl of pot pourri.

Open windows when possible, taking account of the time of year, of course – the house needs to feel cosy and inviting.

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Estate Agency top tips - Painting a room


Fill any holes in walls with suitable filler and replace any broken handles or, indeed, anything else that looks like it’s hanging by a thread. 

Give a fresh coat of paint to any particularly marked or grubby paintwork.  Repainting particularly bright colours with a more neutral shade can make a room look bigger and brighter.   It might also pay to replace ageing lightbulbs to make your home look bright and welcoming.

Whilst the above steps are not a definitive list of things to so when you want to sell your home they should hopefully provide some assistance when deciding which tasks might be worth undertaking.

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