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At the Chamber Practice, we are well known for buying and selling residential property and count, amongst our loyal client base, Buy-2-Let investors with varying sizes of portfolios.  You may be looking to purchase your first investment property or to expand a large portfolio.  Perhaps the time has come to re-mortgage or transfer your properties to a limited company to achieve the best possible tax regime for your investment.  Whatever your objective, our team has the knowledge and expertise to advise and support you throughout the process.

If commercial premises are more your thing and you are seeking to acquire, lease a property or assign a lease to a third party in Dundee, Angus or Fife our Commercial team has all the expertise needed to accompany entrepreneurs like you on your business journey.

Of course, you will benefit from the same dedication to client care as we display with all of our customers.  We will take the time to understand your objectives and determine how best we can assist you.

We can also help you with a Will or Power of Attorney to safeguard your business and property for your loved ones.

Go on, click here to get in touch with our local Dundee, Brechin or Cupar offices. You can also email to find out how we can support your business objectives. Enquiries are re-directed to the relevant local specialists in your area.

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