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Property law is our speciality. We have worked on a vast range of property cases, helping our clients to reach the outcomes that they need and want. Whether you need our help to structure your property holdings in a tax-efficient manner, are engaged in a dispute between landlord and tenant or you are struggling with the terms of a lease, our team will help you to work through the problem, bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion.


If you own a small business and have a legal issue, you need to find a team that will take the time to learn the interests and value of your business. A specialist area where we are able to help is in International Commercial Law, particularly in India and in European legal issues. For many of our clients, we become much more than a legal service – we become a trusted advisor. Small business owners want to know that they are in good hands when they run into difficulties and want to find advice that they can trust. We can help through disputes or debt collection, and help you avoid issues that may endanger your business. We never interfere in the running of a business, but many clients value the different perspective that we can offer them.

By getting to know those who make the decisions, we can better learn which course of action would best benefit you.


We regularly work with small businesses and like to talk directly with business owners to discover exactly what they need from us. Often, this level of transparency requires us to tell our clients things that they may not want to hear, but they appreciate the fact that we are direct and frank with them.

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