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Why writing a will makes sense


Not everyone feels comfortable talking about their passing and succession. The Chamber Practice’s Private Client specialists in Dundee, Angus and Fife recognise this and have been trained to treat such matters with great sensitivity and understanding.

Our experienced team will be able to explain, if it were required, the risk presented by not having a Will or Power of Attorney.

The Chamber Practice, a Dundee legal firm, delivers expert Powers of Attorney services, empowering you to nominate trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so. Our bespoke approach ensures your wishes are clearly outlined and legally protected.

The Chamber Practice is a renowned legal firm in Dundee that offers a comprehensive Wills service to safeguard your future and ensure your wishes are honoured. Our expert team provides personalised advice, creating tailored Wills that reflect your unique circumstances.

Anyone who owns anything of value and does not have a current Will, risks dying “Intestate” which means that their assets will be distributed according to a set of rules which they will have no control over.  In some cases, that may be absolutely fine.  For many people, however, this may grant inheritance rights to individuals who may have been excluded, had the deceased’s wishes been summarised in a properly drafted Will.  The opposite is also true.  Some of your most loved relatives or friends may also miss out on acts of generosity which you had intended for them.

Find out more when you get in touch with our expert succession team in Dundee, Brechin or Cupar. You can also email Enquiries are re-directed to the relevant local specialists in your area.  

When you instruct the Chamber Practice to draft a Will, we will also discuss with you the possibility of setting up a Trust to mitigate the impact of inheritance tax or even care fees.  We will ensure that your Will and Trust deeds have been duly ratified and ensure safe storage on your behalf.  We hope, of course, that these documents will not be needed for a very long time! 

Many of our Dundee, Brechin and Cupar clients who ask us to draft a Will also proceed with a Power of Attorney which grants a person appointed by you the legal right to deal with your affairs, should you become incapacitated.  In modern time, most of us will be fortunate enough to live to a ripe old age.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for us to suffer a loss in faculties over time.  Taking steps early to empower someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf can provide welcome reassurance and peace of mind.    

To enquire about our Private Client services, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Family Trusts and Executry Administration, click here or email  Enquiries are re-directed to the relevant local specialists in your area. 

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