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Our service is always personal as we want to get to know you – you will need to discuss the route ahead from the family arrangements for the duration of the move, through to how you intend to finance your purchase. We also understand that it is sometimes necessary to move fast. This is why we specialise in delivering high quality service at the pace that you need.

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Commercial Property & Business Support

Property law is our speciality. We have worked on a vast range of property cases, helping our clients to reach the outcomes that they need and want. Whether you need our help to structure your property holdings in a tax-efficient manner, are engaged in a dispute between landlord and tenant or you are struggling with the terms of a lease, our team will help you to work through the problem, bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Wills & Estates

Being prepared is something that we all learn from a young age. We all want to be sure that, should anything happen to us, all our affairs are in order. Our private client services team are here to help, from wills to managing your financial assets.

Our team can help organise any aspect of your affairs. We can help you arrange your assets through the planning of your wealth and guide you through power of attorneys and wills, as well as executry law. We know that no one wants to discuss the unthinkable, but it essential to make sure that you make life easier for your loved ones should something happen to you.

Our approach is always the same, we simply want to know what you want to happen with your assets after you’re gone. When we know your intentions, we can use our knowledge and expertise to help make that a reality as much as is possible.

The creation of a will is an act that should never be taken lightly, so we will always be on hand to help you through it.

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With the increasingly diverse nature and complexity of immigration law, specialist Immigration Solicitors are essential for Immigration Applications and Immigration Appeals.

Over the past few years, we have seen local demand for legal advice on immigration and Immigration Solicitors grow massively. With Matthew Cohen & Associates becoming the leading specialists on immigration law in Aberdeen.

Our expert, Vikas Sharma has worked across a wide variety of cases, helping people to win the outcome they want. With the diversity of issues that can arise within immigration law, human rights and European Union Law, it is important to know that you have an experienced expert Immigration Solicitor on your side.

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With family disputes and complex legal issues increasing in all aspects of family law from welfare, contact orders, pre muptial agreements, and divorce, and the affect on children  it is important to have an experienced family lawyer on the side.  Working closely with Mr Sharma in immigration cases we can offer the services of Lin Masters a highly experienced solicitor who is also a court reporter and has a great wealth of experience.

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