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Executry administration and obtaining confirmation


Anyone who has lost a loved one will testify to the fact that grief and pain can be exacerbated by the essential administrative formalities which follow.

Whether the deceased has died intestate (without a will) or ensured in advance that their estate will be distributed as they specified, there is often plenty for an executor to do.  The process, known as the winding up of an estate, ensures the distribution of assets to beneficiaries minus debts, any inheritance tax and anything which the deceased may wish to see donated to third parties.  Find out here how the Chamber Practice can write a Will for you in Dundee, Angus and Fife 

In very broad terms, the more assets there are, the more complex the Executry administration process can be. The number of beneficiaries can also impact on how long it will take.
Estate of a deceased | Probate Scotland

Depending on the value of the estate and when asset holders such as banks require it, there may be a need for an application for Confirmation to be submitted to the Sheriff Court.  This Confirmation is the Scottish equivalent of Probate in English law.  

We offer executors a 30 mins FREE consultation session.  In other words, if you proceed with us, you won't be charged for that session.  If during the 30 mins we establish that you could manage the process on your own, we won't charge you for that time.

Our Executry Team combines years of experience of supporting executors with estates of all sizes and values.  One of our team teaches the Executry Administration module of the Society of Law Accountants in Scotland.  We work with clients in a way that is both efficient and empathetic.  

For a free 30 mins Executry consultation, contact our local offices in Dundee, Brechin or Cupar or email 


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