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People that sell and buy houses! (apparently)

Some 59 per cent of people have lied while selling a home and 46 per cent have lied when trying to buy, according to new research.

The main lies from sellers involved failing to disclose faults in the home, disputes with neighbours or shortcomings in the local area; when it came to buyers, the lies were chiefly about monthly outgoings and debt when trying to secure a mortgage.

The study of 2,186 people who had bought and/or sold in the past five years asked if they had lied during any stage in their application to buy a new house.

The most common answers found to be ‘I lied about my monthly outgoings/spend’ (29 per cent), ‘I lied about my intentions to clear my debts/when I would be able to clear my debts’ (21 per cent) and ‘I lied about the number of people who would be living in the home’ (19 per cent).

All respondents were then quizzed on their experience on the process of buying a home; 66 per cent said that they found the process ‘stressful’, whilst 43 per cent revealed that they found it ‘confusing’ and a further 34 per cent said that they found it challenging to their relationship.

The top lies told when selling a house were found to be ‘faults in the home/amount of repairs that need doing’ (31 per cent), ‘lies about the neighbourhood - noise, neighbours and so on’ (26 per cent) and ‘work that has/hasn’t been done on the property’ (20 per cent).

The study was conducted for Thomas Sanderson interiors.