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Estate Agent Commission Branded Daylight Robbery

Estate agents that charge commission branded daylight robbery

Research has been released in which it claims consumers rank high street estate agency commission fees as the second biggest "daylight robbery" in this day and age.

A survey of just over 1,000 owners who have sold a house was carried out online by Research Without Barriers.

The study presented participants with a number of "everyday charges" and asked them to rank them based on how strongly they felt the term "daylight robbery" applied to them.

Paying £14 for a glass of wine in a trendy bar ranked highest on the list of rip offs, but it was closely followed in second place by - yes you've guessed it... Estate Agents Commission with an average of a staggering £4,000 to sell your home.

It makes sense as the average 1.3% commission charged by high street estate agents is by far the largest example of daylight robbery in terms of an actual monetary sum and it also demonstrates a sign of the times and a change in the consumer mentality across the property market.

We've seen the industry evolve and like many sectors, technology has allowed estate agents to reduce overheads and increase service levels, passing the savings back onto sellers, so the idea of still paying out thousands in commission is pretty ridiculous.

At the Chamber Practice we are constantly working to ensure that our local and fixed fee proposition remains the best value estate agency service on the market when stacked against the likes of both traditional and online agents. Our "what you see is what you pay" offering has been growing in popularity since we first introduced it almost 10 years ago - long before those online agents with their nifty TV ads... y'know, the ones that charge you up front so they already have your money even if they can't sell your house... oh the "Con-misery"!