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Adult Dependant Appeal

Our client's elderly mother came to the UK on a visit visa. Her spinal cord was hurt when she fell in the bathroom. She became a wheelchair user. She also suffered from various illnesses, which made her dependent upon her daughter for the performance of her everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking and bathing. As an adult dependant cannot make an application under the immigration rules within the UK, the application for her was made under article 8 of ECHR. The Home Office refused the application. We appealed the decision to the First-Tier tribunal, but our appeal was dismissed. We made an application for permission to appeal which was refused by the First-tier Tribunal, but it was allowed by the Upper Tribunal. Hence, the appeal came up for a hearing before the Upper Tribunal. Our main arguments were that the family life between the elderly dependant and her children go beyond emotional ties and the best interest of her Britishgranch children. At the hearing, the senior presenting officer (Home OfficelLawyer) sought six weeks to look into the matter. The senior presenting officer withdrew the refusal decision a few weeks ago. Today we have received the BRP of our client's mother as the Home Office allowed the application because of the presenting officer's recommendation.