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British Citizenship Applications

We have recently received two decisions on two separate applications for naturalising as a British citizen. One decision was received on 11 January and the other was received today. The earlier decision was on the application of a Polish national who had obtained indefinite leave to remain under the European Settlement Scheme. It is important to note in European Settlement Scheme applications that the indefinite leave to remain is granted based on five years residence in the UK without having to prove the Exercise of European Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person, jobseeker, student and self-sufficient person. However, for the purpose of British citizenship application, the exercise of the EU Treaty right for at least 5 years needs to be proved. Hence, obtaining indefinite leave to remain under the EU settlement Scheme is no guarantee to British citizenship if the exercise of treaty rights requirement is not fulfilled
The decision we received today was on the application of a non-EU national who has obtained indefinite leave to remain as a Tier 2 migrant after having worked for his employer for 5 years under point based system.