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Six Reasons High Street Agents Are Better

In a recent article on an industry specific news website a world class trainer and expert says his six reasons are a reminder of why High Street Estate Agents are better positioned in the market place than the multitude of anonymous online agents infiltrating the marketplace and not delivering the results they claim they can.


1) Visibility:

Volume of eyeballs is the issue, so a busy road with both pedestrians and traffic is key. Local people like to see that you exist in real life, a visible office is as important as for sale and sold boards. It also means that seeing you as part of the high street furniture instils confidence in your local knowledge and expertise.

2) Confidence:

89% of sellers still choose traditional high street agents over the online route, this speaks volumes that local people prefer the reassurance of being able to use a "real local agent"

3) Commitment:

An agent with a local office is committed, both to the business and more importantly to their locality and community. People are more likely to trust and appreciate the opinion of the blatantly local agents than an agent in a remote office (which could be temporary) or call centre.

4) Marketing:

Local marketing (especially shop front) still accounts for a majority of where peoples searches for a new home start. Lets not also forget that in Aberdeen and Dundee that the ASPC and TSPC account for 97% and 90% market share respectively.

5) Familiarity:

For marketing to be effective, it must be conveyed across multiple channels, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Own Website, For Sale Boards, Branded Cars, Sponsorship, Office presence etc all help bring buyer and sellers together.

6) Reputation:

High street agents are built on reputations and referrals from previous customers, they usually have very high standards of customer service for this reason. High Street agents do not work to the same pile em high sell em low business model like most of the online offerings, they also don't have the huge budgets needed to bury bad online reviews so any reviews you find about a local agent are generally an honest and genuine representation.